President of the RST Shpilko: It is difficult for Russia to compete with Turkey in terms of tourism, but it is possible

In terms of value for money for a beach holiday, Russia and many other countries find it difficult to compete with Turkey due to a number of advantages on its side. Among them: a longer duration of the high season, favorable prices for charter air travel, preferential tax and investment conditions in the tourism and hospitality sector, as well as high-quality room capacity. Nevertheless, the tourism industry in the Russian Federation is trying to keep up and is actively developing, and is even leading in one of the market segments. About it Public News Service told Honorary President Russian Union of Tourism Industry Sergei Shpilko.

Previous edition “Turprom» reported that you can spend the May holidays in Turkey cheaper than in a rented cottage in the Moscow region. Thus, prices for a weekly house rental in the Moscow region can exceed 200 thousand rubles, while a seven-day tour for two to Turkey will cost approximately 75 thousand. It is worth noting, however, that there are usually significantly more guest beds in cottages than two.

As Shpilko notes, the difference in prices for renting cottages in the Moscow region and all-inclusive tours to Turkey does not at all mean that vacationing in Russia is more expensive than at Turkish resorts. He emphasized that for a correct comparison of prices, the objects must be comparable.

“[5-звездочные отели]competing with each other, are forced to keep the price”


However, Turkey does have one of the most favorable price-quality ratios for beach holidays in the world, which is achieved due to the peculiarities of the economic environment. Thus, thanks to preferential taxation in the Turkish tourism sector, capital investments in it quickly pay off, which makes the tourism market very attractive for investors.

“Today, in the most popular Turkish resorts, most hotels operating under the all-inclusive and ultra all-inclusive systems are 5-star, and they, competing with each other, are forced to keep the price. In our beach destinations, we don’t have enough rooms in the 4-5 star category, and the price in the high season is dictated not by demand, but by supply,” says the publication’s interlocutor.

At the same time, many times more Russians vacation annually in the Krasnodar Territory alone than in Turkey, Shpilko noted. Therefore, the tourism sector in the Russian Federation is actively developing.

“We are leading […] in the field of sanatorium treatment and recreation”


The expert pointed out that work is currently underway in Russia to improve the investment climate. For example, VAT has been temporarily canceled for hotels and tour operators in the field of domestic and inbound tourism. And within the framework of the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”, investors are provided with considerable benefits, to which are added regional preferences.

“If Turkey’s main trump card in the tourism market is all-inclusive, then firstly, we need to more actively develop this segment – and we already have very high-quality hotel complexes. And secondly, we are leaders in other market segments, for example, in the field of sanatorium-resort treatment and recreation, which people need so much today,” summed up the publication’s interlocutor.

Earlier in a conversation with OSN, Honorary President of the PCT Sergei Shpilko spoke about the features of tourism in the DPRK.

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