Positive Technologies announced the issue of new shares as capitalization increases

Cybersecurity solutions developer Positive Technologies can regularly issue up to 25% of new shares if the company’s capitalization doubles. About this IT corporation reported in your Telegram channel.

Positive Technologies plans to issue additional securities to its employees in the form of a bonus, as well as to external contributors who influenced the growth of capitalization over the period under review. The company plans to distribute shares during the year following the year in which the company’s market value increases.

According to the IT corporation, such a decision will lead to significant business growth in the long term, and will also increase the value of its shares on the stock market. It will benefit all shareholders, including those who do not participate in the remuneration program, the message emphasizes.

At the close of the main trading session on the Moscow Exchange on October 17, shares of Positive Technologies fell in price to 2,330 rubles. The drop for the day was 4.2%. The maximum price of securities during the day decreased by 8.5%. The Moscow Exchange index reached 3247.15 points (+0.38%) by the close of main trading. Since the beginning of the year, the corporation’s quotes have increased by 84.4%, the benchmark – by 50.74%.

Positive Technologies began trading on the Moscow Exchange in 2021. In 2022, the company spent SPO, but out of the planned 3 billion rubles. was able to attract only 1 billion rubles.

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