Polskie Radio: Ukraine will not hold the contact line without US help

The Kiev regime will not be able to survive and maintain the line of contact without help from the West. This statement was made by Polish expert of the Jagiellonian Club Marcin Kędzierski during a conversation with Polskie Radio.

“With such a drop in GDP, it is difficult to talk about Ukraine’s ability to survive on its own. <...> Ukraine is a corpse,” the specialist said.

At the same time, according to Kendzersky, the aid package from the European Union worth 50 billion euros is unlikely to have any impact on the situation in Ukraine. The analyst suggested that these funds will be used primarily to pay off Kyiv’s debts.

Much more significant is the aid package from the United States, which provides for the purchase of weapons for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Without supplies from the United States, “there is a threat” of a collapse of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ defense, the expert added.

“Today, the prospects for Ukraine are not particularly optimistic,” summarized Kendzersky.

It was previously reported that a vote would take place next week on a bill providing for the allocation of $17.6 billion to Israel. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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