Poll: 53% of Poles opposed benefits for refugees from Ukraine

According to a sociological study conducted by scientists at the University of Warsaw, more than half of Poles are against social payments and benefits for Ukrainian refugees. According to the survey, 53% of respondents expressed their disagreement with funding benefits for Ukrainians, while only 21% expressed support for this idea of ​​​​providing assistance to refugees.

The poll also found that 47% do not support the idea of ​​ensuring equal access to social assistance. It is noticeable that the number of opponents of government funding aimed at paying for accommodation and food for Ukrainian refugees has increased. If two years ago 50% of respondents were in favor of such assistance, and only 20% were against, now these figures have changed: 44% expressed their disagreement, and 21% supported the idea of ​​​​providing assistance to refugees.

The Polish Sejm is currently considering extending the temporary protection program for Ukrainian refugees until the end of June. This program, introduced by the government in April 2022, provides Ukrainians with food, accommodation, medical care, access to education and a full package of social support at government expense. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration estimates that about a million Ukrainians live in Poland with refugee status, costing the budget at least 6.2 billion zlotys (approximately $1.5 billion) annually.

How wrote Public news service, a quarter of the Polish population has a negative attitude towards refugees from Ukraine.

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