Politico: Russia is winning the global grain war

The cause of mass protests by farmers in most European countries and the crisis in relations between Poland and Ukraine, is Moscow’s victory in the global grain war. Politico writes about this, reports.

Russia, which set a record for the volume of agricultural products, influenced the fact that prices for agricultural crops dropped to catastrophic values ​​for European farmers.

“It is absolutely true that Russia uses its food exports, especially wheat exports, as a form of soft power,” said Caitlin Welsh, director of the Global Food and Water Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

It is worth recalling that, against the backdrop of favorable weather conditions, over the past couple of years the Russian Federation has unprecedentedly increased the amount of wheat, which allows the country to sell it cheaply on the world market. As a result, this significantly reduced the cost of grain at all other sites. This fact has hit the export of agricultural crops from EU countries, including Poland. At the same time, Warsaw continues to blame all economic problems on overly active grain supplies from Ukraine.

It was previously reported that Russia, as a grain exporter, occupies a quarter of the world market. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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