Politico: Biden used obscenities when commenting on Trump’s jokes about Pelosi

The leader of the United States of America, Joseph Biden, in personal conversations many times spoke with great rudeness about the former head of state Donald Trump. Information about this, citing sources who have remained anonymous, is distributed by the Politico newspaper.

When he had conversations with friends and advisers, he spoke of politics as a “sick idiot” who takes pleasure in strangers. In addition, the leader called him a “damn asshole”, using obscenities in his speech.

Journalists emphasize that Biden’s hatred of Trump, which he shows away from television cameras, has increased at the moment. Although he tries to be less harsh on political issues, the politician constantly makes words that go against his image. Individuals familiar with the situation are irritated by the fact that Biden speaks unflatteringly about the leader of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

What hurts Biden most is Trump’s joke about Paul Pelosi being attacked by an unhinged citizen. The head of state spoke about the incidents with the former husband of official Nancy Pelosi when he spoke to the media.

“He thinks it’s funny. He laughed about it. What a patient, oh my god. I think this is disgusting, seriously – not just for the president, for any person,” reads the text of his statement.

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