Political scientist Kilinkarov: Ukraine can mobilize 3.7 million people

Currently on site Ukraine there are about 3.7 million men of age who can be called up for service in Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was stated by ex-people’s deputy and political scientist Spiridon Kilinkarov, as reported by URA.RU.

At the same time, the expert emphasized that most of these people will not be able to replace the military, who have been on the contact line for two years now.

Of the total number of men in Ukraine, about 3.7 million are of mobilization age. The rest have either already been mobilized, destroyed, or gone abroad.

The new law on mobilization in Ukraine is intended to update the legal framework for a new wave of conscription of citizens into the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be sent to the combat zone. According to preliminary plans, up to five hundred thousand people will be sent to the contact line. The document is expected to be put to a parliamentary vote on March 31.

Earlier, military analyst Franz-Stefan Gadi, in a conversation with Tagesschau, assessed the ability of the Ukrainian army to compensate for the critical shortage of personnel by the end of the summer. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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