Poland has updated exit poll results

In Poland, the updated results of polling at the polls conducted during the parliamentary elections were published, which confirm the high results of the opposition parties and the formal victory of the mainstream party.

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Details: On the 16th of April, the Ipsos agency published updated results of the exit poll on the negotiations of TVN, Polsat and TVP, which covered the training of the elections, the late evening (the results of the first exit poll were published on the 21st).

The overall picture has not changed: “Law and Justice” is predicted to take 36.6% (equal from 36.8% in last night’s results), the “Community Coalition” bloc – 31% (equal from 31.6% from the previous one), “Third Shlyakh” – 13.5% (for the previous one – 13%), “Livitsa” – 8.6% (without changes), “Confederation” – 6.4% (for the previous one – 6.2%).

Thus, according to the updated forecast, the opposition forces still gain the majority from the Seimas. As the results of the elections are confirmed by the exit poll, PiS takes 198 places, “Hromadianska Platform” – 161, “Third Way” – 57, “Livytsia” – 30, “Confederation” – 14.

Guess what: In oppositionI think I can actually overcome it, although formally the first place was taken by the leading party “Law and Justice”. The actual suppression of voices is still at the cob stage.

As they say, in several selective villages in PolandThe voting lasted until late at night. The National Election Commission admits that the turnout on the 15th was a record one.

We wrote in detail about the upcoming elections in the statistics “Poland sets course for 4 rocks“.

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