Philip Kirkorov left Russia in a hurry after the case started

56 year old artist Philip Kirkorov left Russia and landed in Baku, Azerbaijan, according to local Telegram channels. Videos published in Azerbaijan News show the star leaving the VIP room, accompanied by several men, and getting into a luxury car.

Earlier, information appeared about problems with the performer of the hit “My Bunny,” including an administrative case and blocking of his company’s accounts due to underpayment taxes. It is unclear whether his departure to Azerbaijan is related to these events.

Reactions to the departure of the King of Pop from Russia vary among residents of the country, as can be seen from comments on social networks. People don’t understand why he came, and they criticize him, saying they didn’t let him sing in his homeland, he came here: “Drive him away with pissing rags.” Commentators also noted that there is mourning in Russia, and he came to “hang out” in another country.

Earlier it became known that blogger Anastasia Ivleeva was spotted next to Crocus City Hall. She laid flowers at a spontaneous memorial to the victims of the terrorist attack. More about this read the material Public News Service.

It was also reportedthat Oskar Kuchera told how his wife miraculously escaped during the terrorist attack in Crocus.

Message Philip Kirkorov left Russia in a hurry after the case started appeared first on Public news service.

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