People’s Artist Nina Matvienko passed away from life

People’s Artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko has died. It was 75 years old.

About this informed This is my dear Tonya Matvienko.


It is unknown if Nina Matvienko herself died. The post on Tonya’s page appeared on January 8th.

10 Zhovtnya spіvachtsі vіpovnitsya little 76 rokіv.

Nina Matvienko was born in 1947. Her father had 11 children, and she was the fifth child in her homeland. Before her popularity, Matvienko worked as a crane operator at a factory.

Since 1971, she has been in love with the artist Pyotr Gonchar. Three children are writhing. His son Ivan became a Chen and a man of prayer. Donka Antonina became a sleeper. The third child of Nina Matvienko, son Andriy, became an artist.

Before the speech, Nina Mitrofanivna toured in Poland, Finland, France, Korea, Latin America, the Czech Republic, Canada, Mexico and the USA.

10 most famous songs from the victor Nina Matvienko

  • Song about matir
  • Nightingales laugh and cry
  • Koliskova
  • Malvi
  • Mila/Viy
  • Kvitka-soul
  • What a surprise
  • On the city of Yavori

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