Pavel Volya said that Chekalin should have participated in the show “Survive in Dubai”

Artem Chekalin and Pavel Volya met two days before the blogger’s problems started.

At the beginning of last spring, two criminal cases were opened against the Chekalin spouses – tax evasion in the amount of 311 million rubles and money laundering on a significant scale. The investigation lasted nine months. The couple admitted guilt and paid off the entire debt to the state.

It turned out that Valeria’s husband was supposed to become a participant in the reality show “Survive in Dubai.” The host of the program, Pavel Volya, met with Artem two days before the appearance of law enforcement agencies at the celebrity house.

Volya was already at the airport when he learned about the Chekalins’ serious problems.

In a conversation with Pavel, Artem admitted that he would never forget that morning when it all began. Chekalin woke up and found several masked men with machine guns in his room. Initially, he thought it was a prank, but later realized the seriousness of what was happening.

The couple experienced the most difficult months of their lives. They hid what happened in their family from their children. The Chekalins did not discuss the situation at home in detail in order to protect their loved ones.

Earlier it was reported that Rappoport’s daughter Aglaya Tarasova admitted that her mother almost deprived her of her job. Details in material Public News Service.

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