Patient Advocates League: Hospitals have no money to buy clean linen and hygiene products for patients

The modern system of compulsory health insurance (CHI) does not include the cost of clean linen and hygiene products. Because of this, regional authorities have to look for sources of funding themselves to purchase clean gowns, toothbrushes, toilet paper and other household items needed by patients, which they cannot always provide for themselves. This situation causes difficulties especially when hospitalizing people who have fallen into the mud or have an unpleasant odor. About it Public News Service told President of the Patient Advocates League Alexander Saversky.

Earlier in Volgograd, an 83-year-old woman was denied planned hospitalization due to the smell that came from her. In any case, that’s what her relatives report. According to them, the pensioner was told that the hospital did not have a shower or a suitable room. They also indicated that they promised to provide a clean change of clothes and diapers, but they still did not hospitalize the woman. In turn, the Health Committee published reportedthat there was no refusal as such, and hospitalization was postponed for several days by the doctor’s decision.

“The constituent entities of the federation are doing their best, paying for everything, even toilet paper.”


Saversky suggested that the pensioner’s hospitalization was postponed because the hospital did not have enough clean clothes to change into. He noted that, as a rule, emergency departments are equipped with showers, in which patients admitted to the hospital after unpleasant episodes on the street can be washed, but clean linen and hygiene products are increasingly difficult to come by.

“In theory, they should have accepted, washed and changed into clean clothes. But, unfortunately, these household items are not included in the compulsory medical insurance system. And this is precisely the problem – at what cost? [это все покупать]. Subjects of the federation are getting by as best they can, paying for everything, even toilet paper. But in fact, you and I know very well that when patients enter our hospitals, they are not very well provided with all this, and sometimes they are not provided at all,” says the publication’s interlocutor.

The difficulty of admitting a patient wearing dirty or foul-smelling clothing is further compounded by the potential for dissatisfaction among the occupants of the room. Therefore, here a question arises for the relatives: how did they allow this to happen,” Saversky pointed out. At the same time, he emphasized that if we are talking about an emergency, urgent case, then they turn a blind eye to such moments, since the hospital faces a criminal case for failure to provide medical assistance to a person.

“Where did almost 4 trillion more go?”


One way or another, the issue of lack of funds for the purchase of soap, toothbrushes, diapers, clean clothes and other household items from hospitals still remains unresolved.

“I made a proposal to the government that they consider diving [белья и средств гигиены] in compulsory medical insurance. The Ministry of Health has already replied that there is no money, but you are holding on. But I also have my own position on this matter. Our consolidated budget expenditures amount to 6.6 trillion rubles for 2024. These are compulsory medical insurance and the budget of federal subjects of the Russian Federation. Of these, to make it clear, the salaries of doctors and medical personnel are only 1.8 trillion, and the cost of medicines is another 1 trillion. That is 2.8 trillion compared to 6.6 trillion. The question arises – where is the rest of the money? Therefore, when they say that there is no money, I simply physically don’t understand where almost 4 trillion more went?” said the head of the Patient Defense League.

Moreover, the amount of healthcare costs in practice is more than the indicated 6.6 trillion, since household money is added to it, which, according to various estimates, ranges from 35% to 49% of all expenses, Saversky added.

Earlier in a conversation with OSN, the head of the League of Patient Advocates Alexander Saversky explained why doctors sometimes make incorrect diagnoses.

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