Parliamentary elections have begun in Poland

Poland has begun voting both in parliamentary elections, the result of which may determine the country’s future course in the middle of the EU and in the Ukrainian region, and in the referendum.

Dzherelo: “European truth”

Details:The polling stations in Poland opened on the 8th morning after the Kiev hour and continued until 22:00. The Poles rob 460 deputies and 100 senators for the most part.

The remaining experiments show that the strong “Law and Justice” (PiS) has more support than another party, but is not enough to eliminate monopoly.

She may be afraid to go wild with the support of the far-right anti-Ukrainian party “Confederation” or to most of the other deputies from the pro-European coalition and the creation of a coalition with one from the party to the “Third Way” bloc.

Once established, the three opposition “Community Platform”, “Third Way” and “Liva” are expected to receive a third greater level of support, lower power, which can at once take away most of the place from the new Seimas – 233 mandates for the minimum amount of 231 mandates. Let’s face it, that such a coalition will be very unstable and stale from every deputy’s voice.

Simultaneously with the parliamentary elections, a referendum will be held, which will include the sale of the sovereign land to foreigners, the promotion of the pension system, the Polish-Belarusian wall and the admission of illegal immigrants from near Africa.

Guess what: About those layouts that we are checking for Poland after the elections and what can change in the relations with Ukraine, read the article of the editor of EuroPravda Yuri PanchenkoPoland is taking a course towards 4 fates: gossip about parliamentary elections among the neighbors.

Key importance,about Yaku can be said with high praise – One party will no longer be servile.

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