Otar Kushanashvili stood up for Kologrivy in the scandal with Gordon

Recently, on the “Closed Show” program, presenter Alexander Gordon got into an argument with actor Nikita Kologriv from the series “The Boy’s Word,” reports

The dispute became so heated that the presenter urgently asked the actor to leave the studio, as he did not like the way Kologrivy described the film.

Journalist Otar Kushanashvili commented on this incident, saying that although he is not a fan of Kologrivy, he supports him in this dispute. Kushanashvili said that everyone has the right to express their opinion as they please.

“The tragedy of this program is that you are its host! Because you should no longer be doing anything 70 million light years ago, when it was clear that you were unprofessional,” Otar said in the program “What is it like?”

Photo: still from the series “A Boy’s Word: Blood on the Asphalt” (dir. Zhora Kryzhovnikov, Tumach Production, 2023)

He also commented on the title of the program “Closed Screening,” noting that it reflects the number of viewers of the program. In his opinion, the arrival of actor Kologrivoy to the studio only confirmed the pointlessness of this program.

“You must respect your guests, you old fool! This is a clash of generations. For Kologrivy, you are an empty place,” summarized Kushanashvili.

Earlier it was reported that actor Sergei Nikonenko called Philip Kirkorov a restaurant singer. According to him, he likes Yuri Gulyaev and Muslim Magomaev better. More about this – in the material Public News Service.

It was also reportedthat singer Oleg Gazmanov spoke about serious health problems. The artist was forced to cancel a number of upcoming concerts.

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