Orban: The EU lacks democracy

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said during a rally in Brussels that there is a lack of democracy in the European Union. The politician published a corresponding message on his social networks.

The head of the Hungarian cabinet expressed confidence that this problem can be resolved by changing the leadership of the EU during the elections to the European Parliament.

“This is Europe’s mistake – leaders do not take the voice of the people seriously. This is problem number one. Whether we are talking about migration, about war, about Ukraine, about anything, the leaders do not take the voice of the people seriously. This is a democratic deficit,” Orbán said.

According to him, the result of the upcoming elections to the European Parliament should be a change of power in the European Union.

Earlier, Hungarian Agriculture Minister Istvan Nagy shared information that Budapest will maintain a ban on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine, regardless of the EU proposal to extend the abolition of customs duties on Kyiv goods for a year. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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