On the right about theft of gas: NABU voiced out people’s deputy Dubnevich from the rozshuk

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau issued a report to the respected people’s deputy Yaroslav Dubnevich about the theft of gas.

Dzherelo: press service NABU

Verbatim: “NABU is investigating an honorable people’s deputy of Ukraine, suspected of organizing the seizure of the state’s mine (natural gas) in the amount of over UAH 2.1 billion and the legalization of illegally seized profits.”


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What happened before:

  • In the cruelty of 2022, the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office has specialized in materials from the pre-trial investigation of NABUskeruvalaBefore the trial, an indictment was issued about charges against 9 people, among them – People’s Deputy Yaroslav Dubnevich.
  • The People’s Deputy and 8 other accused are suspected of illegally seizing over 93 million hryvnias from PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsya”.
  • 11 June 2023 NABU and SAP informed Dubnevichabout suspicion in organizing the capture of the state’s mine (natural gas) worth over UAH 2.1 billion and the legalization of illegally seized profits.

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