On Tavriysky there is a direct passage of the Defense Forces – Tarnavsky

The commander of the operational-strategic grouped army “Tavriya” Oleksandr Tarnavsky announced on Tuesday evening that the Defense Forces are moving forward on the Tavriya direct.

Dzherelo:Commander of the operational-strategic grouped army “Tavriya” Oleksandr TarnavskyTelegram

Details: According to the words of Tarnavsky, the artillery forces of our troops, with a stretch, killed 1198 angry commands on the indicated direct line. In addition, the commander reported the statistics of the enemy’s spending directly.

Straight language: “For the rest of the spoils, 261 people were killed, zokrema, and 10 occupiers surrendered.
20 units of enemy military equipment were destroyed. Zokrema, 1 tank, 2 armored fighting vehicles, 7 artillery systems, 5 vehicles and 5 special equipment of the occupiers. Also, 8 enemy ammunition depots have been depleted.”


  • According to the General Staff, the past achievements of the Defense Forces aviation manager 17 strikes against the occupiers’ targets.

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