On Sakhalin, an athlete was buried in an avalanche

Experienced athlete Oleg Bibikov survived after he was buried in an avalanche during a tour of historical sites on Sakhalin Island. The incident occurred on January 29, when the athlete decided to test different snowbikes on the slope. After his bike stalled on the fourth attempt, the entire slope collapsed.

Oleg Bibikov, who has 35 years of experience riding snowbikes in avalanche-prone areas, managed to make the right decision – to cling to the motorcycle, which saved him from serious injuries. His helmet was fastened tightly, preventing snow from clogging his airways.

Oleg’s rescue turned out to be a real miracle, as only 20 minutes passed before he was discovered. The athlete’s friends, Leonid Zhelonin and Svetlana Baranova, saved Oleg from under the rubble.

The athlete urges all snowbike enthusiasts to follow safety measures and not neglect avalanche equipment, even if experience and knowledge of the terrain seem sufficient.

Earlier in the Tyumen region, three people died in an accident on the “highway of death.” More about this read the material Public News Service.

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