Ombudsman Romanova spoke about schoolchildren who attacked a Northern Military District veteran in Ussuriysk

The schoolchildren who, according to preliminary data, beat up a participant in a special military operation in the coastal city of Ussuriysk, are under professional supervision, but apart from the police, no one has carried out fundamental preventive work with them. This statement was made by the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the Primorsky Territory, Olga Romanova, during a conversation with RIA Novosti.

“The schoolchildren who beat up the SVO participant in Ussuriysk are on preventive registration, but apart from the police, no thorough preventive work was really carried out with them. There are questions for the school, since this is the task of the educational institution too. We will look into it while the investigation is underway,” the ombudsman said.

Based on her statements, there are questions not only about educational work in an educational institution, but also about other bodies of the preventive system.

“Almost all of these “four” high school students are kids from families where there are conflict situations, where only mothers are involved in raising them, they clearly needed to be given more attention before the incident happened. Now law enforcement agencies are looking into the situation, our service is also working,” the speaker noted.

The police, in a conversation with the publication, emphasized that the identities of the attackers had been revealed before this, because the injured Ussuri resident reported the theft of a mobile phone, which was committed by teenagers.

The head of the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region, Irina Syrova, told RIAN that the minors are ninth grade students, a criminal case of theft has been opened, the teenagers were again brought to the department after footage of the beating of the victim began to spread on social networks, law enforcement officers are conducting an investigation .

Earlier, the wife of a Russian special military operation (SVO) participant from the Moscow region said that before their house was set on fire, she was threatened. More about this read in the material of the Public News Service.

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