Occupiers shelled Kherson: 3 people were injured

Three people were injured as a result of wounded shelling by Russians of Kherson.

Dzherelo: head of Kherson MBA Roman Mrochko that head of Kherson OVA Oleksandr Prokudin at Telegram

Directly from Mrochka: “As a result of the recent shelling of Kherson by the Russian army from the immediately occupied left bank near the Dnieper region, there were injuries! For more information, three civilians were injured. A woman of 49 years of age was hospitalized at an important Two people born in 1964 and 1983 were delivered to the hospital for further treatment. middle”.

Details: The early diagnosis of the victims is mine-vibration trauma.

Earlier, Mrochko reported that Kherson’s bulges were mooning – the occupiers of France on the 19th marched through the Korabelny district and the central part of the city.

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