Occupiers announced a missile attack on Crimea, social media write about "arrival" at Dzhankoya

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced that a Ukrainian missile attack on occupied Crimea had been defeated, and social media reported that it had “arrived” at Dzhankoya.

Dzherelo: Ministry of Defense Russia, telegram channel “Crimean wind”

Details: The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that at approximately 18:00 on Saturday, the Ukrainian Defense Forces attacked the territory of the occupied region “with an anti-aircraft missile system PPO S-200 converted into an attack version.”

A new PPO of the occupiers lost a Ukrainian missile in the air.

Sevastopol was struck by a state of alarm. At the airfield in Dzhankoy the siren also sounded, write social media.

As the “Crimean Wind” reports from messages sent to the subscriber, “Dzhankoy has some sort of arrival.”

The boom was also reported from the Black Sea, Krasnoperekopsk and Dzhankoy districts; a missile contrail was visible in the sky.

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