NYT: White House puts Biden in ‘presidential cocoon’ over risk of reservations

The administration of the current head of the United States of America, Joe Biden, has brought the situation to the point where the head of the White House found himself enclosed in some kind of protective “presidential cocoon.” The New York Times shares the relevant information.

According to reporters, administration officials are monitoring Biden’s condition extremely carefully and are also working to protect him from verbal slips and physical stumbles.

The material clarifies that a ladder with lower steps is regularly prepared for it. This is being done to provide the American leader with the opportunity to independently board Air Force One. Additionally, during press conferences, they shout loudly and play loud music to signal the president to end the event. At the same time, no major interviews are simply agreed upon.

Previously Public News Service reportedthat ex-CIA analytical department specialist Larry Johnson shared information that due to memory-related diseases, the US leader creates risks for the state, and the Russian Federation does not believe that the politician really controls the state.

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