Nutritionist Syurakshina warned about the harm that cashews can bring

Leading endocrinologist and nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences Elena Syurashkina shared her knowledge about the harmful properties of cashew nuts and announced a list of contraindications. RosKachestvo informs about this.

She warns about the possible danger of consuming them for the body, despite their rich mineral composition, including useful elements such as potassium, calcium, silicon and magnesium.

One of the main contraindications to eating cashews is its potential allergenicity. This nut can cause various reactions in allergy sufferers, ranging from itching and redness of the skin to anaphylactic shock.

Another important aspect that Syurashkina draws attention to is the high calorie content of the nut. Therefore, people trying to lose weight are advised to limit their consumption. You should also remember that excessive consumption of cashews can contribute to the formation of kidney stones and make it difficult to absorb vitamins.

However, we should not forget about the beneficial properties of nuts. Cashews can lower cholesterol levels and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of your body and, if necessary, consult a specialist to avoid possible problems.

It became known earlierthat a nutritionist warns that dairy products can cause the development of autoimmune diseases.

It was also reported that toxicologist Vodovozov said that dietary supplements may contain drugs. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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