Nutritionist Lomkova told how to make dinner healthy

Nutritionist Yulia Lomkova shared tips on how to prepare a healthy dinner that provides the body with all the necessary substances. Gazeta.Ru writes about this.

The expert emphasized that it is important to include foods from different food groups in dinner to provide the body with a variety of nutrients. In this case, you should control the portion size and pay attention to the balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

According to Lomkova, preference should be given to high-quality fresh and unfried foods: it is best to steam or bake food to preserve nutrients.

It is also important to control the oil and salt content by replacing them with spices and herbs. As for protein sources, they should be light, such as shrimp, eggs, lean meats or fish. Vegetables, both fresh and cooked, are also an important part of a healthy dinner.

Earlier, expert Belyaeva told what sweets dieters can eat every day. More about this – in the material Public News Service.

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