Nutritionist Denisova named a dried fruit that slows down the aging process

FPA expert, nutritionist Alena Denisova spoke about the beneficial properties of dried fruits, in particular raisins, reports

According to her, dried fruits such as raisins are a rich source of nutrients, including phenolic compounds, flavonoids and others. She emphasized that raisins have many beneficial properties for human health – in particular, raisins slow down the aging process.

Denisova noted that eating raisins helps improve the quality of sleep, strengthens the immune system, provides a feeling of satiety, and reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition, dried fruits have a beneficial effect on the composition of the intestinal microbiota.

She also addressed the issue of the effect of raisins on oral health, noting that their consumption does not lead to an increase in oral acidity and does not contribute to the development of tooth decay, as it contains many antioxidants that inhibit bacteria.

Denisova also warned against excessive consumption of dried fruits due to their high sugar content and calorie content. It is recommended to eat no more than 30 grams of raisins per day.

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