NTV: Ankara applies sanctions to ships arriving from Crimea

Turkey imposes restrictions on ships arriving in the country from Crimean ports. Turkish Transport Minister Abdyulkadir Uraloglu informed about this. He is quoted by the Turkish channel NTV.

During a meeting with the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, he said that due to technical problems, it can be difficult for the authorities to fix the exact location of the departure of ships.

“Since ships leaving there (from Crimea – approx.) often turn off the automatic recognition system, we may not know exactly where they are coming from. I want you to know that when we draw conclusions, we also impose sanctions,” Uraloglu emphasized.

According to him, ships coming from Crimea are sent back. In addition, they are subject to significant fines.

Earlier, the head of the Turkish delegation, Unver Sel, called the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ attacks on Crimea a provocation. According to him, Ukraine has already lost to Russia. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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