Not only Proklova and the illegitimate son: with whom did Oleg Yankovsky have affairs?

Famous actor Oleg Yankovsky would have turned 80 on February 23. He was a legendary and talented artist, but Yankovsky became famous not only for his film characters, but also for his novels, although he was married only once.

According to the actor’s close friend Alexander Zbruev, Yankovsky could only trust his family, his wife and children.

While studying at the theater school, Oleg Yankovsky married actress Lyudmila Zorina, with whom he had a son, Philip, who also became a theater and film artist. Yankovsky valued his family and wife very much, and tried to protect them from gossip and rumors.

Photo: still from the film “Two Comrades Served” (dir. Evgeny Karelov, Mosfilm, 1968)

For a long time, the actor was credited with having affairs with his co-stars, but not all of these rumors were true. It is believed that the most dramatic romance in the actor’s life was his relationship with an actress. Elena Proklova. Not long ago, the actress talked about this.

Photo: @elproklova

It all started on the set of the film “Sentimental Romance,” where Yankovsky and Proklova played together. The affair lasted 2 years. According to Proklova, they are in love with each other. However, the actress decided to end the romance on her birthday, when the actor came to congratulate her.

The parting turned out to be difficult for Proklova; moreover, she terminated the pregnancy, although she really wanted a child from her beloved man.

The turning point for Oleg Ivanovich was the film “Flying in a Dream and in Reality”, since in it he starred with his two beloved women and his wife Lyudmila Zorina and Elena Kostina. His real wife played his wife on the screen, and Kostina represented his mistress. And subsequently this scenario became a reality.

Photo: still from the film “That Same Munchausen” (dir. Mark Zakharov, Mosfilm, 1979)

For a long time, Yankovsky and Elena struggled with their feelings and managed to suppress their emotions. However, 10 years later they met again on new sets and their feelings flared up. Subsequently, the romance ended.

More than 20 years ago, Yankovsky began a relationship with the actress Elena Voinovskayawho gave birth to a son in 2004, naming him Oleg in honor of the famous actor.

Voinovskaya never demanded alimony and did not claim kinship with the actor’s family. According to the actress, she just wanted a child from her loved one.

Photo: TASS/Arseniy Neskhodimov

After the death of Oleg Ivanovich, the woman admitted that her son is the artist’s child, however, his official family does not comment on the possible relationship.

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