Norway will pay refugees to return to Ukraine

Norway will pay 17,500 Norwegian kroner (about $1,500) in cash to Ukrainians who wish to return to their home country. About it reports country’s immigration office.

“If you have a valid residence permit in Norway but now want to return to your home country, you can apply for a subsidy from the Norwegian authorities,” it said.

The application, among other things, must be accompanied by a copy of a plane, train, bus or other type of transport ticket to Ukraine. The message clarifies that Ukrainians may lose their refugee status. If you return to Norway, the amount of financial support will have to be reimbursed – in whole or in part, depending on how much time the person spends in his home country.

At the beginning of August, the Russian government included Norway is included in the list of states committing unfriendly actions against Russian diplomatic and consular missions abroad. For diplomatic missions included in such a list, the ability to hire workers located in Russia at embassies, consulates, representative offices of government agencies and government agencies is limited.

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