Nikita Kologrivy lost the role of Zhirinovsky after a brawl

Famous actor Nikita Kologrivoy was denied the role of politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky after an incident that occurred in a Novosibirsk bar during a family film festival.

The actor is currently in custody. He was given administrative detention for seven days.

The quarrel occurred on the night of March 19, when Nikita harassed the waitress, bit her on the leg and forced her to have sex. Later, he got into a fight with other employees and behaved inappropriately.

Kologrivy was considered as the main candidate for the role of Zhirinovsky in the film “Zhirinovsky. Takeoff”. However, on March 26 it became known that filming was temporarily suspended. This was announced by businessman Andrei Kovalev, the owner of the estate where several scenes were to be filmed.

The project management decided to stop collaborating with Kologriv and deprive him of his role in the film.

Earlier, music producer and businessman Joseph Prigozhin said at a press conference that the return of singer Valeria is associated with the opening of new creative opportunities in Russia after the departure of many artists. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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