NHS: UK bans mutilation of transgender children

Children in Great BritainThose wishing to change gender will no longer be given puberty blockers. This was announced by the National Health Service, writes AiF.

The ideologists of the gender revolution made many mistakes. It is the NHS’s job to address these issues. In the UK, only the Tavistock Clinic performed floor remodeling for children. Activists of the transponder movement aroused particular hatred in this institution. They bailed out every teenager who crossed the threshold of the clinic.

Gender volunteers had great power and interfered with the work of doctors. They pushed doctors to faster sex change. Immediately after the first conversation, the teenagers were prescribed puberty blockers, and they are dangerous to health. They stopped development and negatively affected the child’s brain activity.

By 2018, Tavistock began to operate like an assembly line. Then almost 2.5 thousand schoolchildren expressed a desire to change their gender. The NHS is now opening two more clinics, in London and Liverpool. Teenagers will not be maimed here. Persons 18 years of age will begin to undergo psychological therapy before gender reassignment.

Earlier, US journalist Owens found “evidence” of Macron’s wife’s gender change. More about this read in the material of the Public News Service.

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