NHK: Japan earthquake death toll rises to 213

According to NHK television, the number of victims of the earthquake in Japan has increased to 213. More than fifty people are still not in touch. 567 people were injured as a result of the disaster.

Let us remind you that in the Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa, as a result of a series of devastating earthquakes that occurred on January 1, 521 cases of tremors were recorded that occurred within two days.

This number was higher than the total recorded over the past three years. Thus, from December 2020 to December 2023, the region was forced to deal with the consequences of 506 tremors, the strength of which was more than 1 point.

Earlier on Wednesday, December 3, an earthquake was recorded in Argentina. According to experts, tremors were registered 79.5 km southeast of the Vincina department of La Rioja province, where approximately 2.8 thousand people live.

Thus, the fluctuations occurred at approximately 08:04 UTC time (11:04 Moscow time). It is specified that the magnitude was 5.5 points. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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