News told what musician Alexander Novikov is doing now

Alexander Novikov, a famous musician and participant in the Three Chords project, decided to leave the jury of the show after many years of participation. The news of this unexpected decision was revealed by journalists.

Born into the family of a military pilot, Novikov experienced many moves at a young age. After graduating from school in Sverdlovsk, he entered the prestigious Ural Polytechnic Institute named after Kirov. There he began his musical career, performing songs with the local VIA “Polymer”.

However, after performing a song by The Beatles at one of the institute’s events, he was expelled from the university. Without giving up, Novikov organized his own rock band and began performing in restaurants. He subsequently founded his own recording studio.

Novikov’s life was not without difficulties. In 1985, he found himself behind bars, where he spent 5 years. Despite this, his lover, whom he married while in college, remained close and supportive. Now the couple has children – a son and a daughter.

Alexander Novikov actively expressed his opinion on various public issues. He supported the special operation on the territory of Ukraine and criticized Alla Pugacheva, calling her a “traitor.” In his recent book, Notes of a Criminal Bard, released in 2022, he raised many important topics.

In 2023, Novikov announced his departure from the Three Chords show. He stated that he considered it pointless to continue participating in an entertainment project when such serious changes and events were taking place in the world. However, the artist emphasized that this does not mean that he is leaving music and concert activities. So far, Novikov has no specific plans for performances in 2024.

It was previously reported that actress Anna Sinyakina, known for her role in the cult film “Voroshilovsky Shooter,” continues her active career in cinema.

Anna, who was only over 20 years old at the time of the film’s release, has not changed much since then. More about this read the material Public News Service.

It also became knownthat the poet, bard and actor Vitaly Ogorodnikov, who left his mark on the cultural life of Tyumen, has died.

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