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Ukraine and its partner countries have been waiting for the onset of negotiations on the level of the peaceful leaders of the powers, which have praised the “formula for peace” put forward by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Dzherelo: “European truth”from poslannyam on a number of independent ones, one after another

Details: There will be a third party of Radniks, whose main task is to organize the “Formula for the World” or other approaches in a wide-ranging format that can praise the “Formula for the World” on the basis of Ukrainian propositions. Persha zustrich has becomeCopenhagen (Denmark) in Chervnі, friend – atJiddi(Saudi Arabia) at the sickle.

“(Head of the Presidential Office) Andriy Ermak is immediately planning a new meeting of national security and political guards in Malta,” confirmed one of the journalists.

Another development also confirmed the agreement to hold negotiations on the territory of Malta, an EU power. The sustrich will be watered and will finally be ready, adding a spirt.

Negotiations are important to the precise flow of participants.

What blew: In the area of ​​Jeddah, soldiers from the national security and political guards of leaders from nearly 40 countries suffered the same fate. Among them are those who do not enter until the entrance camp– zokrema, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Chile, PAR. The fate of China is the head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Dmytro Kulebacalling it a “super leak”. Russia, apparently, was not asked to participate.

At the end of the day, Versnya Ermak expressed hope, hope, until the end of lifethere will be a third meeting Radical representatives of powers from national security to negotiate a Ukrainian “formula for peace.”

EuroPravda previously publishedtext of Ukraine’s “formula for peace” in ten points.

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