Netanyahu lashed out at the people: "We are at the point of war, and we will overcome"

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu made his public statement about the drive of a massive attack from the side of Hamas, declaring that the country is on the verge of war, otherwise they can overcome it.

Dzherelo: The Times of Israel

Straight from Netanyahu: “People of Israel, we are in the midst of war. And we will overcome.

The enemy is willing to pay such a price as he has never known before.

I have committed, first of all, to clear out the terrorist communities where they have penetrated, and this work is worrying.

I have given an order about large-scale calls for reserves in order to warn of war, which is not a threat at all. We are waging war, and we will come out of it victorious.”

Details: Following the data of the ZMI, information is received about the dead and up to 300 wounded, splinter militants penetrate into low-lying places, and thousands of missiles are launched in the center and south of the country.

Background: France 7th round from the Gazi sector in Israel mass of bullets launched rocketsfire broke out in the area.

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