Nebenzya stated that at the Thunderstorm, 52 civilians died, they shouted "high-ranking nationalist"

The permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Vasyl Nebenzya, at a meeting on Monday, stated that near the village of Groza in the Kharkiv region, 52 people died as a result of the Russian attack, during the funeral of a “high-ranking Ukrainian nationalist.”

Dzherelo: Nebenzya at the meeting for the sake of UN Security, as Ukraine initiated through the Russian attack on the village of Groza; broadcast Suspilnogo

Details: The Russian permanent representative “noted” that the tragedy in the village of Groza occurred exactly at the moment when Zelensky transferred the European Union from neighboring Ukraine to the EU itself in Spain.

It also “truths” the blow by the fact that at the wake at the cafe in the village of Groza on the 5th, according to other data, 52 people died.

Straight language: “It appears that at the time of the strike there was a funeral of one of the high-ranking Ukrainian nationalists. There were a lot of Nazi auxiliaries there. In fact, in the photographs that were published after the strike, there are people of the positive age .

We have felt more than once since the Kiev regime called us in blows to stores, hotels, and so on. And then a lot of obituaries appeared, including those with foreign nicknames. Possibly, so it will be out of the Thunderstorm.”


  • 5th anniversary of the Russians hitto the cafe-shop near Groza villageKupyansky district of Kharkiv region. There tooa memorial service was held for the deceased soldier.
  • Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Klimenko said that the investigation was precise, and there is a suspicion that the blow came from local bags.
  • Get ready for the morning 6th of the month52 dead. Sered died -Widow and son of Viyskov, after which there was a commemoration after my funeral in the local village. The son of the re-pokhovany also became a military man, and died at once from his squad.
  • The Russian troops could have launched an attack on the cafe in the village of Groza, thinking that there were Ukrainian troops there, but there were more civilian people theresaid the prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region.

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