Nebenzya announced the end of the Ukrainian counter-offensive

The Ukrainian counteroffensive can be considered completed – Russian troops have begun active operations. This was stated by the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vasily Nebenzya at a meeting of the Security Council of the world organization.

“For several days now, Russian troops have begun active combat operations along almost the entire front line. Thus, the so-called Ukrainian “counter-offensive” can already be formally considered completed,” Nebenzya noted.

According to the permanent representative, the price of Ukraine’s counter-offensive was tens of thousands of mobilized recruits and hundreds of units of destroyed Western equipment.

“The Kiev regime cannot boast of anything else over the past four months,” Nebenzya concluded.

Ukraine has been carrying out a counteroffensive since early June. September 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin named its “not a slippage, but a failure.” September 12 Putin statedthat the counteroffensive does not bring results to Ukraine; since its beginning, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost 71,500 troops.

October 11, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Charles Brown statedthat Ukraine intends to continue its offensive operations throughout the winter months.

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