Near Zaporizhzhia, they buried a victim in a rubble-covered cabin

A Russian missile near Zaporizhzhia exploded under the living quarters 5 to 3 on top, one person was allowed to dig up from under the rubble.

Dzherelo: DSNS that MVS at Telegram

Verbatim DSNS: “As a result of the missile attack in Zaporizhzhya, two people died, three more were injured. As a result of the missile attack, a residential building from 5 to 3 surfaces was destroyed. We and volunteers recovered the man and handed him over to the doctors.”


photo DSNS

Details: The Ministry of Internal Affairs published a video of the victim’s funeral.

Another 50 locals evacuated the budinka.


photo DSNS

DSNS psychologists work with the victims at the site.


photo DSNS

Emergency robots are in operation.


  • On the night of the 18th of Russia 6 missile strikes on Zaporizhzhya in the past, they aimed at the rich overhead booth. It was reported that she was dead and injured.

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