Near Sevastopol, they reported about vibrations in the area of ​​Russian Federation armored warehouses

Thus, the title of “Governor of Sevastopol” Mikhailo Razvozhaev announced that the occupying fleet near Crimea was repelling an attack on military targets.

Dzherelo: Razvozhaev u Telegram, Crime.Realitiespublic “Crimean wind”

Direct language from Razvozhaeva: “Near the Sukharnaya Balka area, our fleet is repelling an attack from airborne targets.

All services are on alert. Near the Tsukrovaya head – smoke, the ritualists were already on the scene. “Information about infrastructure improvements is being clarified.”

Details: Local publics report that the siren sounded near the city even after the concussion, and they also write about the city in the area of ​​Suharna Balka Bay.

Vidannya Krim.Realii informsthat in the vibuhu area at least 4 warehouses containing armored equipment, including missiles, have been dismantled for the Russian army.

Updated: Later Razvozhaev having informedWell, according to recent reports, a rocket was shot down in the area of ​​​​the Kara-Koba mountain, the combat part detonated on the ground in a field. No people were harmed. In general, there is no need for damage to the infrastructure.

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