NATO will strengthen patrols in the Baltic Sea

NATO will increase patrols in the Baltic Sea after the Balticconnector gas pipeline and interconnection cable were damaged.

Dzherelo: information NATO, write about yak “European truth”

Details: The Alliance-praised missions provide additional surveillance and reconnaissance missions for maritime patrol aircraft, long-range radar AWACS aircraft, and drones.

NATO is also sending a flotilla of four small NATO boats to the Baltic Sea.

“We continue to monitor the situation with respect and remain in close contact with our members of the Estonia-Finland Alliance and our partner Sweden,” said NATO river commander Dylan White.

Guess what:

  • Apparently, on the night of the 8th of the evening, for unknown circumstancesgas pipeline was found to be damagedBalticconnector, which supplies Estonia and Finland, as well as a telecommunications cable from an Estonian operator.
  • The NATO Secretary General has confirmed that after the sabotage of the “Snow Streams” in the fall of 2022, the Alliance will maintain additional provisions for the protection of underwater infrastructure, otherwise it is guaranteed to secure such objectspractically impossible.

Read more about this topic from the statistics:Storm or sabotage? Finland and Estonia are investigating the “bubble” of the gas pipeline at the bottom of the Finnish inlet.

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