Natalia Gulkina spoke about the hype around “The Boy’s Word”

Ex-soloist of the group “Mirage” Natalia Gulkina shared her opinion about the series “The Boy’s Word”.

In an interview with VOICE, the artist explained that she has not yet decided to watch the series. At the same time, after the project, the Mirage group’s compositions became popular among young people.

Natalia Gulkina admits that her life after the release of the series “The Boy’s Word” has practically not changed. According to the singer, there is no particular rise in popularity, but people began to more often send her videos of songs by the musical group “Mirage”.

The offer for songs performed by Gulkina also increased, but this did not affect the fee: it did not increase, as, for example, with Katya Lel after the worldwide popularity of the song “My Marmalade” appeared.

Natalia admits that she is calm about everything that happens with her old songs and the increase in attention to her work. In a word, she is already accustomed to the excitement around her.

Despite her indirect involvement in the series, Natalia is in no hurry to watch it, despite its popularity:

I just don’t want to receive any negative emotions now, during this period of time. I heard that the series is very tough.


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