NABU sided with the director of the Odessa territorial administration: taking away the city from Kivalov

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine has begun a service check to wrest the title from the director of the Odessa Regional Administration, Volodymyr Deulin, from the hands of the ex-regional and the president of the Odessa Law Academy, Sergiy Kivalov, at the approach of Lawyer’s Day.

Dzherelo: NABU Telegram, “Dumska”, ZN.UA

Verbatim: “The fact of the participation of the director of the Odessa territorial administration of the National Bureau Volodymyr Deulin at the end of the Day of Lawyer, which was held at the walls of the National University “Odessa Law Academy”, and took away the honor from the rector of its I have issued a service check.”

Details: It appears that at the time of the inspection of Volodymyr Deulin, the issue of planting bonds was removed. “The results of the verification will be made public after completion,” the NABU stated.

As “Dumska” reports, the 8th head of the Odessa territorial administration of NABU, Volodymyr Deulin, celebrated the honor of Lawyer’s Day from the hands of the President of the Odessa Law Academy, Sergiy Kivalov.

Judging from the video on the website of the Odessa Law Academy Facebookat the end of the day Oleksandr Okhrimenko, the head of the Odessa Regional TCC and JV, was also present.

Also at the entrance there were representatives of the local authorities present. Zokrema, the first defender of the head of the Odessa region for the sake of Oleg Radkovsky.

At the beginning of 2021, NABU detectives conducted searches in the administrative building of the Odessa Law Academy. The investigations were carried out within the framework of criminal investigations about the possible waste of budget money on an especially large scale (Part 5 of Article 191 of the Code of Ukraine of Ukraine) during the repair process.

Serhiy Kivalov himself appears in the case about “Vovk’s spitting”, as the Great Anti-Corruption Court is now hearing. According to ZN.UA, zokrema, NABU recorded a dispute between the heads of the District Administrative Court of Kiev Pavel Vovk and Sergiy Kivalov, in order to ask for the continued support of cases against the High Qualification Commission of the court And, as soon as he raps about “anyone will be released from the Suvorov District Court of Odessa.”

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