MZS Slovakia can denounce a politician who lied about the war in Ukraine

At the appointment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia in the ranks of the anti-Ukrainian Robert Fico, for the most difficult hour they have been looking at the great head of the Zilina region, Juraj Blanar, who made odious statements about the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and is not a career diplomat.

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Details: According to the portal, it was looked at in this area even when the government negotiations were at the beginning stage. They also considered the candidacy of diplomat Miroslav Lajcak, but did not accept the proposal of the Smer-SD party, which Fico is disgusted with.

They also considered the candidacy of Marek Estoka, who had previously served as Slovakia’s ambassador to France.

It was previously reported that MZS Mav timchasovo okoliti himself Ficobut then I decided to cross Blanar, who initially reluctantly accepted the proposition.


Juraj Blanar is a great engineer without diplomatic evidence. After the large-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, scandalous and sometimes deceitful statements were regularly made before the war.

Zokrem, calling the war in Ukraine “a conflict between Russia and the United States.”

Like Robert Fico, Blanar opposes the transfer of the army to Ukraine, saying that it will “weaken the defense of Slovakia.”

He confirmed that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine had radically subsided already “at the hour of the so-called Maidan in 2013, and its ruinous legacies are troubling the bottom.”

Behind the words of Blanar, the leaders of Ukraine are “muttering about extreme Ukrainian nationalism.” He also stated that the legacy of the Revolution of 2014 “was the fragmentation of Ukraine and a huge war.”

In 2014, when Russia occupied Crimea and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Blanar declared that “Ukraine is at war against the powerful people.” He also said that Ukraine will focus on “ensuring the rights of Russian citizens.”

What happened before:

  • 11 zhovtnyaFico signed a memorandum on forming a coalitionwith the “Voice” party and the pro-Russian Slovak National Party.
  • Within the framework of the coalition, Smer-SD denies the right to appoint a prime minister and six other ministers, which opens the way for the anti-Ukrainian Fico to rule over the Slovak government in the fourth.
  • “Voice” takes away the post of speaker to the parliament, which, for everything, has become the leader of the party, Peter Pellegrini, and this ministerial seat is in order, and the Slovak National Party – the position of three ministers.

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