MZS: Close to 450 Ukrainians cannot deprive Israel and the Gazi Strip

Nearly 450 Ukrainians returned to the operational headquarters due to the impossibility of leaving Israel and the Gazi Strip.

Dzherelo: river worker of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko on the air of the telethon of news

Direct language: “What is the matter of the Ukrainians who have come to the operational headquarters due to the impossibility of depriving Israel through the air travel restrictions, here we have a figure of about 300 people on the territory of Israel, as well as 150 Ukrainians in the Gazi Strip, they said they were about to leave.”

Details: I added that the situation has not changed until the dead and injured Ukrainians. Information is being verified regarding the possible deaths of three Ukrainians: two in Israel, one in the Gazi Strip.

Direct language: “The operational headquarters of the Ministry of Health, which was created to help the Ukrainians in Israel, paid for three days, having processed over 700 animals of our citizens. During the past year, Ukrainian diplomats sent 7 Ukrainians to the present land, as before Who was respected by the famous. The stench of carelessness is contagious.

Our embassy also helped 6 countries find out what life was like in Israel. And diplomats are now busy with the Ukrainian boy who was also deployed in the combat zone yesterday. “You are hoping for a treat, psychological support and preparing for your return to Ukraine.”


  • On June 8 it became clear that in Israel two giants died Ukraine, efforts are being made to organize the repatriation of the bodies of the dead.

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