Mysterious underwater structure discovered under Lake Michigan

Underwater archeology professor Mark Holley discovered a mysterious prehistoric underwater structure in the Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan.

The scenic waters of the bay have a long maritime history, with sunken boats, a Civil War pier and automobiles discovered there. During the search for ships, a rock with a prehistoric image of a mastodon was found, as well as a collection of stones reminiscent of Stonehenge and much more.

In addition, under the waters of the lake, the scientist discovered stones lined up in a line, the length of which is more than 1.5 kilometers. Experts believe that the stones are more than 9,000 years old. Stonehenge was not built until 4,000 years later. These processes occurred after the bottom of the lake dried out and a bay appeared.

Previously Public News Service reportedthat a large magnetic anomaly was found under Lake Rotorua in New Zealand. In addition, at the bottom of the lake there are craters and the bed of a disappeared river.

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