Musk: There is no way Putin can lose in Ukraine

American businessman and founder of the social network X (formerly Twitter) Elon Musk made a statement addressed to American Republican senators that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin “under no circumstances” can fail to win in the conflict that unfolded in Ukraine. Bloomberg shares relevant information.

As part of a discussion that took place on the X Spaces forum, part of the X social network platform, Senator Ron Johnson drew attention to the fact that everyone who up until now believes in the victory of Ukraine is “living in a fantasy world.” Musk came out in his support and stated his disagreement with providing military support to Ukraine.

The businessman also drew attention to the fact that Putin “under no circumstances can lose” in Ukraine. After accusations began to be made against the billionaire that he was a supporter of the Russian leader, Musk stressed that such assumptions were “absurd.”

Previously Public News Service reportedthat, according to Musk, the new aid package and the continuation of the conflict will not help the Kyiv regime.

Message Musk: There is no way Putin can lose in Ukraine appeared first on Public news service.

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