Musk rejects Hamas offer to visit Gaza Strip

An entrepreneur and billionaire from the United States of America responded to an invitation from the Palestinian radical movement Hamas to visit the Gaza Strip. The businessman refused, as reported on the social network X.

“It seems a little dangerous now. But I believe that Gaza’s long-term prosperity will benefit all parties,” he said.

Earlier it became known that the editor-in-chief of the English version of Haaretz, Esther Solomon, proposed that the Israeli authorities declare American businessman Elon Musk persona non grata.

The reason was the arrival of Musk in Israel, whom she called “an open anti-Semite.” At the same time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a warm welcome, Solomon believes. More about this read the material Public News Service.

Previously, American entrepreneur Elon Musk, who arrived with visit to Israel, agreed with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who pointed out the need to destroy the Palestinian radical movement Hamas.

Message Musk rejects Hamas offer to visit Gaza Strip appeared first on Public news service.

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