MTS Bank will launch a service for paying for purchases on foreign gaming platforms


MTS Bank is working on launching a service for paying for purchases on foreign gaming and streaming platforms. About it reports Kommersant citing a source close to the bank.

The information was confirmed by MTS Bank itself. They clarified that the launch is scheduled for the first half of October. According to the source, through the new service, users will be able to pay for purchases on Spotify, Twitch, PlayStation, Xbox, Discord, Nintendo, EA Play, etc.

The service, according to the newspaper’s interlocutor, will work as follows: the user needs to buy a “voucher” in the bank’s mobile application to top up the amount in one of the services. Then he receives a code by email, which is entered in the service itself, as well as instructions for setting up the account so that it is not associated with Russia. After this, the client will be able to enter the code and top up the wallet.

After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, a number of foreign services announced their departure from Russia. In particular, Netflix and Spotify left the Russian market. Also blocked was the ability for Russians to pay for purchases at video game stores owned by Sony (PlayStation Store), Microsoft (Xbox Games Store), Nintendo (eShop) and Valve (Steam).


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