MTR: At the airfields of Berdyansk and Lugansk, 9 helicopters were damaged, PPO, and smuha was destroyed

The operation to secure airfields near the occupied Berdyansk and Lugansk was carried out by the Special Operations Forces in conjunction with the Defense Forces.

Dzherelo: press service MTRto provide details of the special operation Dragonfly

Details: It appears that the Special Operations Forces were seizing information about the enemy’s destruction of airfields near the quickly occupied Berdyansk and Lugansk, as well as the deployment of a significant amount of aircraft and special equipment on them, and ammunition.

The specified information has been verified and confirmed. The coordinates and necessary data of the Special Forces were transferred to the units of the Defense Forces for monitoring. As a result of the fire strike in the night from 16 to 17, the occupiers incurred significant losses.

For the rest of the data, Berdyansk and Lugansk are poor:

  • nine helicopters of various modifications
  • special equipment that was available at airfields
  • PPO launcher
  • ammunition warehouse
  • poshkodzheno smugi airports

The MTR says that the ammunition depot near Berdyansk was detonated to the 4th level. The detonation near Lugansk reached the 11th mark.

According to the data of special ranks, the loss of enemy manpower adds up to dozens of dead and wounded. The bodies are still visible from the rubble, as noted in the report.

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