Moscow Exchange launched trading in milk and dairy products

From October 16, the National Commodity Exchange (NTB, part of the Moscow Exchange group) will launch exchange commodity auctions for the sale of milk and dairy products with loading into the buyer’s vehicle. They will be organized by Ekoniva-Semena, part of the Ekoniva Group of Companies. About it it says in a message from Moscow Exchange.

Farms of the Ekonova Group of Companies, located in the Bobrovsky and Liskinsky districts of the Voronezh region, were chosen as the basis for the supply of raw whole cow’s milk. The minimum purchase volume will be 720 tons, subject to shipment within 30 days in equal batches of 24 tons per day.

There will also be commodity auctions for the sale of skimmed milk powder and butter with a fat content of 82.5%. Buyers will be able to receive the goods by road or rail at the location of the supplier’s warehouse. The minimum purchase volume for this type of dairy product will be 20 tons.

Expanding the list of tradable assets is an important factor in the development of the Russian exchange market, says NTB Director Nikita Zakharov. According to him, the gradual development of trading in new goods and the growth of liquidity in the future will allow us to begin calculating the corresponding stock exchange indicators. They can become a convenient reference point for market participants and the government, as well as the underlying asset for derivative financial instruments for hedging and price risk management.

Previously Vedomosti reportedthat the Ekonova Group of Companies will begin trading raw and skimmed milk powder on NTB from October 2. Plans to begin trading in raw milk became known in January 2023. Then the National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko) and NTB reported that they were working on this issue. Among the products of the agro-industrial complex, grains (wheat, barley, corn), various oils and meals, as well as sugar are already traded on NTB.

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