Morty is now part of the MultiVersus as a playable character

Multiverses begin to increasingly expand the number of characters that come to the video game, know all the powers of Morty Smith and his faction

Rick and Morty is present in the Multiversus with one of its most endearing characters, Morty Smith is part of the faction of thugs in the game, Rick Sanchez the other main character of the cartoon is also already confirmed, but without a release date.

Through Multiversus’ social networks they broke the news, “Let the rise of the Mortys begin! #MultiVersus.”

The description that the game gives us

“Many people have a good relationship with their grandparents. Then there’s… whatever Morty has with his grandfather, Rick. Under Rick’s “responsible surveillance,” Morty has found himself swept to various locations across the universe. And he does his best to remain optimistic in the face of the harsh reality of what he experiences through countless time trips and interdimensional trips (almost all legal).”

Currently, the character does not have a special ability, but it will arrive very soon after passing the beta phase, and it does not come out with problems.

MultiVersus Factions

Thug: Thugs are characterized by hand-to-hand combat.

Tank: They are great support when fighting in pairs, but when you are alone you will be a bit slow but very difficult to take down.

Support: A character that is very difficult to handle when playing alone since his skills focus on supporting your allies, however, if you manage to control the character he will serve you in battle.

Assassin: Assassins are very lethal with their weapons, the only problem with being so dangerous is that they are very difficult to handle.

Mage: This element is one of those that will drive you crazy in battle since it focuses on launching powers from a distance.

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